What is Staking?
  • Staking is the process of delegating ADA to a stake pool for the purpose of securing the network and generating rewards.
  • When a stake pool creates a new block, both the delegators and stake pool operator are entitled to a reward.
  • Staking rewards are available to claim at the end of each epoch (5 days) and are distrbuted from the Cardano Treasury which has a depletion rate of 0.3% per epoch.
  • The number of blocks a pool may produce is proportional to the amount of ADA staked. Rewards are based on the number of blocks produced.
  • Staking on Cardano does not require giving up ownership of your ADA and has no lock up period for removing coins.
Why Tide?
  • Tide has the lowest fees possible on Cardano with 0% margin fees and the minimum ₳170 fixed fee per epoch.
  • Tide utilizes multiple cutting-edge bare-metal servers located within the United States, each with 5 CPU cores and 20GB of RAM.
  • Delegating to a single pool operator increases the decentralization of the network, allowing more pools to participate in block production. Tide is a single pool operator.
  • Tide's operators are commited to bringing new analytic features to delegators which will provide insight into ecosystem opprotunities.
How to Stake
1. Download a Cardano Native Wallet

Listed below are wallets recommended by Tide. Click one to download.

Wallets will be downloaded as browser extensions. Please use Chrome, Brave, or Firefox.

2. Create a Wallet Account

After downloading a wallet you must choose between using a hardware wallet or storing the wallet private key in your browser.

Create a backup of the 24-word phrase on paper and keep private. This key is what provides access to your funds.

Tide recommends the use of a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor.

3. Fund your Wallet

Inside the created Cardano wallet, click the recieve tab and copy your wallet address.

With your wallet address copied, go to the centralized exchange on which your ADA is stored and navigate to the withdrawl option.

Paste the wallet address in the withdrawl page of your exchange and select the number of coins you wish to send.

Confirm that the pasted address matches the address displayed in the Cardano wallet recieve tab and click confirm.

Await the arrival of funds to your Cardano wallet. Can take up to 5 minutes depending on the exchange used.

4. Delegate your Stake

After your funds arrive, navigate to the stake tab in your Cardano wallet.

Search for our pool by name Tide Stake Pool or ticker TSP

Click the delegate button and confirm the transaction within the wallet.

For your first pool delegation, a ₳2 refundable deposit will be taken.

5. Enjoy Passive Rewards

After signing the delegation transaction, you will begin recieving rewards within 15-20 days.

Delegators will continue to earn rewards from Tide for 2 epochs after they remove their stake.

Rewards are automatically added to your stake delegation at the end of each epoch to increase future reward payments.